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    Exclusive Banquet Facility

The Exclusive Banquet Facility is a very popular option with our clients. By choosing this option, you guarantee that your event is the only event taking place at the Banquet Facility on your chosen date and time. You will be able to use all of the rooms listed on this website and each will be set up as you request. The entire Fourth-Floor is ideal for Weddings and Receptions, Corporate meetings, Conventions, Retreats, Parties, Banquets, and many other events. You can also use the common lobby area (seen in the picture above) to enhance your event. Capacity of this option varies depending on use, but the maximum amount of guests is 499.


Please contact the Banquet Coordinator at (937)773-8871 for the rates and availability of this room.


Visit our Catering page for more information.


Please contact the Banquet Coordinator at (937)773-8871

*Room rates are subject to change without prior notice